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Car Accident Statistics in America

Car accident statistics are a good way to gauge safety on roads and highways and gain valuable information that we can use to help increase saftey through traffic laws and road construction.

Car accident statistics are kept mainly to help save lives and reduce the chance of injury.  Insurance companies use this data to determine risk and assign car insurance rates to individuals.

Car Accident Statistics By AAA Motor Club

AAA recently released a report detailing statistics about auto accidents.  What AAA did was to look at several studies focused on auto accidents here in the United States and analyze the data to determine traffic safety.

Items they considered were:

What they determined is the overall cost of auto accidents and assigned a total dollar amount as well as a dollar amount per year pear person.  The total dollar amount came to $164 Billion and per person per year the total came to approximately $1,051.

Summary:  Geography plays an important role in auto accidents, meaning where someone lives (the areas that they drive) are the primary factor in determining risk.  Urban areas (near city centers) are more likely to be involved in an auto accident and as such people in these areas will pay more.


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