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Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

When searching for auto insurance the most common question often asked is, ‘how can i get the cheapest auto insurance rate’?  The answer to this question involves a few different topics and I’ll try to list them all out below.

Cheap Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance is very difficult to compare “apples” to “apples” because different insurance companies bundle their coverages into different packages.  Meaning, you’ll be getting a specific price for X amount of auto insurance coverage at company A but when you price shop you’ll see company B offers a lower price for Y coverage.  So you can’t simply compare the 2 quotes because they offer different amount of coverge.

Driving Record(s) of All Who Will Be On The Policy

While an auto insurance quote may seem good at the outset… it could drastically change depending on driving records of all of the parties to be named to be insured.  You may get a  quick quote for a set price but be aware that price may be altered when it “officially” goes through underwriting due to driving records.

Type of Auto Insurance Policy

Some auto insurance companies flat out specialize in certain types of coverages while others specialize in others.  Many, many companies look to “high risk” policies (SR22 or those for DUI insurance) and some are more geared towards fleet auto insurance for large corporations, etc, etc…  So you’ll want to get a feel for which company specializes in the certain type of auto insurance you are looking for.

Compare Insurance Rates To Get The Best Rate

Overall, it’s important to use a comparison shopping engine like Check Insurance Rates to compare insurance across all major insurance companies in your local area based on your zip code.  Comparing auto insurance rates in this manner is the best way that exists in order to attempt “an apples to apples” comparison so you can ensure you are making the right decision.


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